Centre for Professional Training (CFDip)

Centre for Professional Training (CFDip)

The College of Doctoral Schools’ Centre for Professional Training for PhD Candidates

Samuel Bottani, directeur du CFDip

USPC offers tailor-made courses for the professional success of its PhD candidates

The USPC Centre for Professional Initiative Training for PhD Candidates (CFDip) develops a wide range of courses offering useful, practical knowledge to carry out high-level professions in any field (academics, business, associations, culture, public institutions, etc.).

PhD candidates can thus widen and deepen their knowledge in organisation, management, presentation of results, management, IT, data handling, publications, languages, economics and many other fields.

Financed by the CFDip thanks to IDEX USPC funding, these courses are free for all PhD candidates enrolled with a USPC institution.

Running alongside their PhD training, these courses are intentionally short, intensive and led by experts, on general or applied professional skills and tools.

Main themes of the courses on offer:

Developing professional skills
Learning about tools and methodologies used in work environments
Learning to teach
Preparing your professional project and the next career move
Learning about the world of work, business and different sectors

Certain substantive courses can also be followed lasting a week or more and lead to the award of a USPC CFDip Certificate.

Certificate in Business and Administration
Certificate in Media and Journalism
Certificate in Numerical Skills (New for 2014-15)
Certificate in Higher Education DOCTENS (New for 2015-16)

Most Courses are taught in French but some are English Speaking Courses (available on our french website).


Samuel BOTTANI  – CDIp Director