Double Culture Contracts 2014-2016

Double Culture Contracts 2014-2016

In 2014, 2015 and 2016, USPC ran a competitive exam to allocate 10 PhD contracts destined for “double culture” projects, projects that are led by supervisors from two different disciplines.

Applications were submitted to two doctoral schools for agreement and the main doctoral school was charged with interviewing the candidates and listing them on a main or secondary list with the consent of the secondary doctoral school.

After being selected by the doctoral schools, the candidates were interviewed by a jury of doctoral heads of school or representatives.

2015 Funded Applications

Main Doctoral School (Secondary Doctoral School)


Thesis Title


131 (122) Riccardo Raimondo Petrarch and France (17th-21st Century): A comparative study of French translations, a mythocritique of petrarchism, a transtextual approach to reception issues. Jean Vignes and Philippe Guérin
146 (564) Valerio FlavioGili Advanced Aluminium Oxide Phototonics Andrei Kanaev and Giuseppe Leo
234 (450) AmélieBescont Qualifying Deviance from a Gender Perspective: punishment, psychiatric treatment and marginalisation in postmodernity FrédéricGros and Laurie Laufer
234 (131) Elena Sidorova American Pop Art and US Public Diplomacy FrédéricRamel and Catherine Bernard
267 (493) LucieDelias Female Sexuality Discourse Online: medications, social representations, appropriations Franck Rebillard and Pascale Molinier
268 (180) Carla Campos Cascales Learning to Read in a Language and Literature Class: what role for reading in French education abroad? Serge Martin and Anne Barrere
450 (393) Anne-Laure Sebert Psychological Issues of Transition in Young Adults with Chronic Diseases Karl-LéoSchwering and Corinne Alberti
474 (146) Olga Seminck Modelling Surprise Effects for Anaphora Resolution Pascal Amsili and Adeline Nazarenko
562 (158) Laure-Elise Pillet Study of Astrocyte Contribution to Synapse Pathologies on the Oligophrenin-1 Model Pierre Billuart and Nathalie Rouach
563 (388) Martin Dulac Biosensors for the Detection of the H2S Gas Transmitter ErwanGalardon and VéroniqueBalland