Corporate and academic public speaking

Corporate and academic public speaking

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You have an important presentation to give and you are afraid to stand in front of the people? You don’t know how to speak loud, or how to control your voice and movements?

You never thought about the rhythm of the sentence? You don’t know how to maintain the attention of those who are listening, you are forgetting your lines?

Is your articulation not satisfying? Does microphone drive you crazy? Projector’s light goes into your eyes? You don’t know what to do with your hands?

We offer a personalized training adapted to any kind of presentation: university project, PhD defense, corporate meetings, conference presentation. Convince your audience with your presence, your impeccable voice technique and the strength of your arguments!



  • Working on the posture and the outfit
  • Physical presence
  • Voice technique parameters 1st part
  • Placing your voice
  • Holding your voice with your diaphragm


  • Write your presentation outline
  • Rhetoric basis
  • Introduction
  • Argumentation
  • Conclusion
  • Debate


  • Space or scenography conditions
  • Perception consciousness
  • Who is your audience?
  • Dealing with the stress of public speaking


  • Voice technique parameters 2nd part
  • Maintaining the volume and the tempo


  • Preparing the text and the logical accents in it ◦ Reading exercise ◦ Explaining your PowerPoint slides
  • Practical work with each student on an example of a text

Bojana Miljanic, PhD

After more than 10 years of acting career, university teaching experience with MFA theater students and working for an internationally renowned company (Cartier), I have fused my competences to help those who need to present their projects or give a speech in front of an audience. Deep knowledge of actors’ skills and corporate life and love for teaching and transmitting made me create this personalized program that gives special attention to individual’s needs.

I am open-minded, multicultural and passionate about meeting new people and teaching them how to express themselves verbally with integrity and self-confidence. My strong academic background is proven by 10 years of study of Acting, Movement, Voice techniques and the Diction: I hold a PhD in Arts & Media – Theater studies, a Master’s degree in Arts, Philosophy and Aesthetics – Theater studies, a diploma in pantomime and movement studies from the International Theater School Jacques Lecoq as well as the BFA in acting degree from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts. I also obtained two certificates in Business and Administration and in Project Management from Paris Sorbonne University – CFDip.

  • Email (contact pédagogique, pour toutes questions sur le contenu de la formation uniquement) : 

Specific comments : Students should send by e-mail, 2 weeks before the course, an example of a short text / speech they would like to work on.

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  • Lieu : Formation à distance. Les informations de connexion vous seront communiquées par la formatrice
  • Durée de la formation : 3 jours
  • Nombre de jours validés par le Département de formation des doctorants : 3 jours

  • Pré-requis : For english speaking students            
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