Time management

Time management

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This training course will enable you to make a personal assessment and to consider how to optimise the management of your time (from a professional and also from a personal perspective).


  • Identifying usual habits,
  • Applying organisation principles,
  • Making a personal assessment and setting objectives in terms of evolution,
  • Classifying priorities,
  • Anticipating and appointing clearly.


  • Dealing with the notion of «time budget»,
  • Controlling and planning workload.
  • Setting organisational strategies
  • Tools for functional organisation (initial and final personal assessment),
  • Managing professional obligations (assessing the situation),
  • Analysing and programming optimisations.
  • Individual experimentation through concrete situations.
  • Individual time and shared time.

Responsable pédagogique : Pierre BELLE – ALM formation

Email (contact pédagogique) : contact@almformation.com

  • Email (contact pédagogique) : contact@almformation.com
  • Dates prévisionnelles : Cf Améthis
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