Université de Paris (UP) Doctoral Schools

Université de Paris (UP) Doctoral Schools

 21 doctoral schools for 3000 Phs fellows

PhD studies at UP are organised around 21 doctoral schools, which cover all disciplines. To provide future PhD candidates the best professional opportunities, the doctoral schools and UP institutions offer support, and additional courses, to improve the work skills acquired.

The Centre for Professional Initiative Training for PhD candidates, offers a wide range of free practical and applied training courses with a strong focus on helping them pursue their career in all professional sectors.

The doctoral schools’ research topics cover numerous fields:

  • Humanities: arts, literature and languages: human mind, language, education; Languages, texts, art and culture; Ancient and Contemporary Worlds
  • Social Sciences and Public Policy: Norms, institutions and social behaviours; Space, environment and human societies; Markets and organisations
  • Life and Health Sciences Biology, health
  • Pure sciences and technology: Mathematics; Physics; Earth and Universe Sciences; Chemistry; Information and Communication Technology and Sciences