Your PhD at Université de Paris

Your PhD at Université de Paris

Université de Paris (UP) is engaged in an ambitious policy for doctoral studies. On the basis of its research programme,

UP aims to train future researcher as well as future high-level executives.

UP promotes career prospects in all professional sectors by offering a wide range of professional courses.

With its 21 doctoral schools, UP offers more than 3000  PhD students the possibility of training via research in all the main fields.

The creation of multi-disciplinary and/or multi-institutional courses is promoted by the UP. Cross-disciplinary PhD research, or closely related subjects at the boundary between disciplines, is encouraged by the availability of dedicated PhD fellowships.

Career advice and support is one of UP’s key activities.

The Centre for Professional Initiative Training for PhD candidates  as it is called in French, offers all PhD candidates more than 210 free practical and transversal training courses to help them develop useful skills for their professional work in any sector.

All of these measures : coordinating the work of the doctoral schools, following the development of PhD candidates, and helping them become professionals, are under the umbrella of the College of Doctoral Schools – CED.